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TEN CAINE FACTS. The Caine prize is an annual literature prize awarded to the writer of an African short story published in English. It is named after Sir Michael Harris Caine founder of the Manbooker prize who died in 1999. Earning it the nickname “African booker”. The prize was launched in 2000 and is worth 10000 pounds. It was first won by Sudanesewriter Leila Aboulela for her short story "The Museum". The four ( 4 ) African winners of the Nobel Prize for Literature have supported the Caine Prize as patrons: Wole

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Overcoming Hate: The Role of Conscious Literature- Andrew Patience

‘‘Writers are shapers of life; they are the wheels piloting what directions our minds travel to and how far each journey goes. They are the gods that determine what creed or rituals are befitting enough for the shaping of and the extent of our realization of what is truth.’’  History serves as a palpable proof of man’s insatiable desire for wrong doings. This has been revealed in wars fought in folly, the divisiveness that characterized religion, the absence of social cohesion fueled by differences in tribes,

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I woke up this morning to find Chimdinma Onwukwe’s story, Women Like Me Don’t Die on my Facebook newsfeed. Lately, I’ve been reading quite a bit of writing by young Nigerian women and I’m struck by how bold and fearless they are. Chimdinma and I were raised in different worlds. She in Nigeria, I in the United States. The details of our stories might be different but the essence is the same. I understand what she’s talking about. Yet, as a young woman, I never had the courage to speak the way she does. I was alone in the dark. I

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''Poetry is more, it is not only what gives meaning to existence but also what explains the inexplicable depth of such existence''. The authenticity of creativity, whether it be absolute or relative to the interpretation of others is something often argued by creative minds and critics. What I do know for sure is that there are creative works that surpass human reasoning and understanding. Those kind of creative works will direct my thought in this writing. On what premise should one judge what is creative and what isn’t? Is it

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Sabinus see friends always laughing, Sabinus wonder.  Them complain, then joke, then laugh. Sabinus ask why so happy?  You laugh your way out of problems? You laugh your way to better electricity? You laugh your way to refineries working? You laugh your way to good governance? Sabinus say sometimes no look at problem and laugh, look problem think solution, do solution. Cure problem. Not every time you cry on Facebook, or argue about issues over Gulder, not every time make silly meme about serious matter. Not every time

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Revelations Within Tara’s Eyes: Farida Adamu

She was 22years old when she was diagnosed with leukemia. She started loosing form,her hair started falling off but everyday my sister Tara will stand in front of the mirror and admire her baldness. She will smile at the protruding veins on her face and tell me how beautiful they are. She was not beautiful in my sight but she was beautiful in her sight and I had to begin to see  her like that. Then on the night of her transition, my sister Tara willed her mirror to me and she said "If you do not remember me for anything, you'd

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Forget Feminism and be a woman

Feminism is the new black. Any woman who prefers to make a lot out of her supposedly little self must be either a self acclaimed or society proclaimed feminist. I have come to despise this stereotype that puts together in a box of rebellion, outspokenness, and ambition all women who dare to want to be something. So after one too many confrontations with friends and strangers I want to state publicly I do not know what feminism is I only know about being a woman. A woman earns her respect by being respectable, working for what

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