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Spoken Word Artist: Andrew Patience (AP) Producer: Oluwadrumma Location: Jos, Nigeria, Year of Publication: 2016 No of Tracks: 14 Duration: 55 minutes. Reviewer: Bizuum Yadok(Jos, Nigeria)

It was Chinweizu and co. who said that “spoken word is heard and seen and felt; it is experienced as the narrator becomes a character with varying degrees of animation, body movement, facial expression, tone of voice and rhythm of speech, the narrator presents the character and his plight” in their famous

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Spoken word Album Review:Adebote Seyifunmi

Spoken Word Artist: Andrew Patience (AP) Producer: Oluwadrumma Location: Jos, Nigeria, Year of Publication: 2016 No of Tracks: 14 Duration: 55 minutes. Reviewer: Adebote Seyifunmi (Lagos, Nigeria)

The spoken word poetry album, I AM should be of great interest to mind curious about Africa, her culture and arts. Those interested in unravelling life’s mystery would also be caught in a similar web. Personally, little is known of Andrew Patience, I wasn’t even ‘fortunate’ to meet her at the Abuja

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Speech is an expression of mental acuity, used as a tool to build communal understanding; and so is poetry in many ways. While the former may be commonplace the vehicle of poetry as a thought-process elevates speech to an almost-divine status. This is the gift and uniqueness of spoken word as a genre of literary expression and it is this unique gift that has emerged from the temperate ambience of Jos city through the recently launched spoken word album of Andrew Patience (AP) entitled I AM. The album I AM, is an experimental

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If you have a Christian upbringing like me, you are likely to complete the phrase "I am" with '...that I am'. So when I saw "I am" as the album title my first response was with curiosity; 'I am what? I am who? What about I am?' and more I thought! These were some of the answers I gathered as I listened to the album:

I am the daughter of a strong woman who sacrificed much for me to be a symbol that defies societal norms and ideals; becoming the voice of reason. I am the guardian and custodian of

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Andrew Patience Finye fondly called AP is a Spoken Word Poet, Broadcaster and an ambassador of Custodians of African Literature (COAL). She is from the North Central part of Nigeria, a lover of God, truth and mysteries. Her poetry captures themes as spirituality, gender, politics, love and social issues. Her Spoken Word album ‘I Am’ is inspired by poetry itself and a need to address certain disturbing social issues plaguing the society. Her album is a mixture of both intense and simple poetry for the listening pleasure of poets,

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When sorrow sings: AP

This lacerating maps on the soles of my feet needs no compass, It knows no friend but foe. My leather bed will sing their ode and chant testimonies of their incising deftness so old. I know the road they trail grazing on barren lands so frail. This grumbling beast in my stomach knows nothing foreign, But the feasting worms in it, It churns its life Vomits it, and swallows again. I hear its rumblings I know the cacophony of its mumblings But like it, I'm not deaf to its rants I feel it too. Yet this

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AP’s Spoken Word Album

Coming Soon AP’s Spoken Word Album Launch   Patience Andrew fondly called ‘AP’ believes that to fix the world, there is a need for an awakening in the collective consciousness of all humans, and that this awakening can only come if we continuously expose our minds to the truth. She believes that spoken word poetry is one of the tools to bring about such an awakening. As the first Spoken Word artist in Jos, Plateau State to embark on this stride, she hopes her album will strengthen the love and importance of poetry and

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listen: AP

When I’m quiet as dead Like a corpse left in a box Do not think I need your touch or voice Do not even try… I’m trying to listen Do not cry or mourn my unconscious form Understand it and stay calm. When I’m old and unknown Still strapped to my rocking chair Do not pity or try to move my ebon flesh Do not get wearied of my silence For I am trying to listen. Eventually when I stand on my feet and walk through my farm smiling Do not ask me why or what had changed I’m the same, still listening Only that now, I hear

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