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HEY THERE! Amidst the tension and turbulence of a troubled nation as Nigeria, it is necessary youths come together to talk, have deliberations on the way forward. And where else is best for this if not at COAL's Open mic where we talk, learn, inform, educate and enjoy thrilling performances  from each other. So, it is that time again where we all sit, enjoy and give constructive criticism of beautiful performances from just about anyone who has something beautiful to share before an audience. Come witness the very best of

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Literary Entrepreneurship cannot be over emphasized because of the crucial role it plays, across different sectors of development. Without an enterprising literary platform, culture, education, economics, media and communication and even technology, will be starved to possible extinction. The key focus of PENcoin is to explore literary enterprise from a developmental level to an entrepreneurship status. This is with a view of building capacity, expand opportunities and sustain progress. Literary enterprise and knowledge

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The rise of insurgency in Nigeria has led to a drastic change in the lives of thousands of women and girls, and this often brings them either voluntarily or by coercion into new realities outside their original homes. While men have dis-proportionally been killed, women are an overwhelming majority among the estimated 1.8 million internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the North East. According to the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), there are about 325,000 Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)

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The Alchemist: Paulo Coelho

New Year, new resolutions. Majority of people intend to read more in every new year, sadly few do. Resolutions begin to feel more like castles in the air but 2017 will be different. Let's help you have a book affair through 2017. This way we all get to read and review at least One  book monthly ( 12 by the end of the year). Read along with COAL in 2017. JANUARY BOOK: THE ALCHEMIST AUTHOR: Paulo Coelho OPEN MIC/ BOOK REVIEW: 28TH JANUARY 2017 VENUE: VENUE: COMING SHORTLY SUMMARY: The alchemist is an allegoric novel  

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Highlights: Spoken Rhythm

The Custodians of African Literature (COAL) is known for her commendable strides in promoting literature, the performing aspects of it and the arts in general. From events such as; “a date with poetry”, “Jos meets a field of echoes”, numerous open mics and community development projects, the organization continues to reach out to the wider society. Still on the path of promoting the arts, COAL in partnership with K-Lounge and Kr8 organized the maiden edition of Spoken Rhythm (a night of spoken word poetry, music and a touch

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Sabinus see friends always laughing, Sabinus wonder.  Them complain, then joke, then laugh. Sabinus ask why so happy?  You laugh your way out of problems? You laugh your way to better electricity? You laugh your way to refineries working? You laugh your way to good governance? Sabinus say sometimes no look at problem and laugh, look problem think solution, do solution. Cure problem. Not every time you cry on Facebook, or argue about issues over Gulder, not every time make silly meme about serious matter. Not every time

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About US

We are COAL

We are COAL

COAL’s mission is to support and provide opportunities for budding writers in Africa to develop their creative independent voices and to explore careers in professional writing. To help creative writers and spoken word artists realise their literary dreams by providing platforms for their self expression. .........



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