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Title: Brave (A Collection of Poems) Author: Joshua Omena Reviewer: Farida Adamu

From the opening pages of Brave, we are introduced to the poet and the basis for his brevity, scripture. We find fragments, verses from the Bible at different points in the work. In the first poem Writing on the Wall we see Omena's desire to find God in everything. "In the darkness found in the edges" We see his longing for the simple and ephemeral things. Ghost Town explores pain and the effects of the actions of

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ESTRANGED: Farida Adamu

The woman in me has journeyed to oblivion So I am wandering in the torrent, Flowing without a course Searching, Looking, Staring into the bark of trees Hoping that I find her On this dusty path that leads to nowhere. I want to fade away with the setting sun But hope won’t let me Maybe I will find her before the sun goes into hiding Maybe I’ll see her in the shadow of branches Maybe on the hills Or maybe she is somewhere, Deep within Waiting for death Waiting for sunrise. <br

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Miss Pink Flowers: Farida Adamu

You will forever relish the memory of that dress. The blue one with the pink flowers. The one that had the same same color with the sky that stood above you the first day she appeared at your door. You recognized her, the girl who sold food at the village restaurant. "Good afternoon sir, please are you the new corper here?" She asked in faintly Hausa-accented English. You answered affirmatively. "My aunt asked me to bring this to you" she said and gave you a food flask. "Ah! All this one for me? Please thank your aunty

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