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Overcoming Hate: The Role of Conscious Literature- Andrew Patience

‘‘Writers are shapers of life; they are the wheels piloting what directions our minds travel to and how far each journey goes. They are the gods that determine what creed or rituals are befitting enough for the shaping of and the extent of our realization of what is truth.’’  History serves as a palpable proof of man’s insatiable desire for wrong doings. This has been revealed in wars fought in folly, the divisiveness that characterized religion, the absence of social cohesion fueled by differences in tribes,

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A Walk Down Nostalgia’s Lane: Zainab Haruna

The door of House No 2 opened slowly and Old Man Adah shuffled out. He turned to make sure that the door shut securely behind him. The neighborhood used to be notorious for break-ins so he always took extra care. He turned towards the street and smiled at his wife, standing at the bottom of the stairs. Ashene moved her head in an abrupt movement making his smile widen. He knew what that movement meant. She was getting impatient. “Hurry up na,” she said and he chuckled. He knew her so well. They had been married for 35 years and

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Ibadan: TJ Benson

Pockets of warm air scented with okpa, firewood smoke and the mint of toothpaste float through the Ibadan morning haze from the rusted zincs stretched out as far as the eye can see, up to him on the second floor balcony of the Harmony Hotel. He is smoking again. He hopes the fire he sucks into his chest will extinguish the cold outside. A prostitute waits for him inside. He has no desire to return to the prostitute. He wants to stare at the collage of giant leaves, varying shades of copper below him. Maybe if he had gotten a room

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We are COAL

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