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OKPA DI OKU:​Mark Anthony

Saturday mornings in Omagba are always characterized with incessant ringing of bells by little children who beckon other sleeping children for their morning mass. They ring the bell rhythmically so it can blend into everyone’s name. They stump their feet to the beat of the bell and clap amidst careless cum vibrant chants. This group of miniature fanatics never pass our yard without hollering the names of the catholic children who live in our compound. They go- "chibueze! Bianu morni mass, okenna! bianu morni mass, afoma! bianu

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Africa: Chukwudera Michael

Africa, When the birds sing elephants rise to their feet Lions roar to the wild Giraffes stretch their necks to embrace the morning. Africa calls her children to the rising of the sun. Her homeliness is manifested In the warmness of emotions Penetrating in her clime. Dynamic! home to thousands of cultures Evolving incessantly A whorl blooming in layers of circles And undressing it's calyx to reveal The beauty of it's petal: Festivals of talking drums And stamping feet of men Women drawing circles With their

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We are COAL

We are COAL

COAL’s mission is to support and provide opportunities for budding writers in Africa to develop their creative independent voices and to explore careers in professional writing. To help creative writers and spoken word artists realise their literary dreams by providing platforms for their self expression. .........



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