WISH DORM: Rudolph Adidi

What have I sought in all these years?


To live or die?

For being rich or avoiding poor hood,

Tell me have I even grown wiser to you

Like, do my words always hold meanings of understanding?

I mean tell me.

When I have spent my years

Calling out books, studying nature

Finding the essence of my existence

The breakthrough of our in-humanity

Like also the depth of our evil.

I wanted to know if this is the end.

Ending in murders of innocent children

Or the slaughtered religious.

Wait! How about love?

Can it ever be quantified in itself?

Without money or gifts.

I have waited for the sun to stop shining

But the earth keeps yawning bed time

I’ll wake up with a smile and end with a straight face

Saddened with wrinkles of the labours

I have suffered for the world,

It is like the wind chasing itself

Endless power in the depths

of my coloured tongue.

I thought I understood the human being

From the maker,

Whom I’ve actually never seen.

The spitting resemblance he speaks of exists

Only between the identical twins, triplets, quadruplets

But one thing I know is this

He made us all simple

We have complicated ourselves

When we kill the innocent and pardon the guilty

Rise up princes and crown slaves

Dance to evil while the music is over.

This is what I cannot understand

The revolving of the years

Or why the second will never get tired of doing

the same thing over and over and over again?

No, let’s be real here, why is there night?

To rest, did I hear you say that?

Well how come the earth doesn’t rest then?

Voodoo, Secret Societies, Armed men from the underworld are at war

With the wicked and the kind-hearted

There can’t be one king but we need a king.

I still don’t understand this,

Even the fact a man has to die for his friends

He hardly knew them in 3 years.

Real friendship is more than 3 years or a kiss

It is more than an evening during dinner

Or an appearance at your burial

But this I do not comprehend

What wisdom I have gathered

From the good book and your books

The serenity words spell in hearts

Instead of just been themselves words

Turning into emotions is a lot to understand

Look and leave this place

Look and live in this space

We have different ears, those who listen and hear

And those who hear,


I have gathered nothing but grains of these words

For my son to know

That wisdom chooses who lay with her

And understanding is not like it is spelt

But now, I’m been switched on to stand in the wisdom I understand.

Wisdom I alone have learnt

Wisdom I alone will over-stand to.


By Rudolph Adidi


Rudolph  Adidi popularly known as Rudapoet is a Nigerian Spoken word poet, recently, the ALS Slam Champion.

He inspires through his poetry and art, expressing himself in a style original to him-Urban Poetry.

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