Sabinus see friends always laughing, Sabinus wonder.  Them complain, then joke, then laugh. Sabinus ask why so happy?  You laugh your way out of problems? You laugh your way to better electricity? You laugh your way to refineries working? You laugh your way to good governance? Sabinus say sometimes no look at problem and laugh, look problem think solution, do solution. Cure problem. Not every time you cry on Facebook, or argue about issues over Gulder, not every time make silly meme about serious matter. Not every time laugh!

Sabinus friend Gaius like hustle, him say him chase paper. Sabinus wonder chase paper to where? Gaius say him One be balling like Wizkid, him one buy bae handbag to show off like Linda Ikeji. Sabinus say ‘senseless’ because Gaius no like work, no like sweat. Him say him hustle smart. Sabinus do the math; smart + lazy + hustle = trouble. Sabinus tell Gaius not everyday chase paper for bank, sometime try chase paper for brain. Chase paper for common sense.

Sabinus friend Paula like say “why government no do this?”  Or “ why Onyibo no invent that?”  Paula  make Sabinus  angry. Sabinus say “not every day blame government and Onyinbo! What you do for country to make governance easier? You hear them bust pipeline you act like you hear nothing. You hear economy bad you act like you hear nothing. You talk of bad policy but you no even know what policy be! You hear Wizkid and Linda fight; you stand up take side and say something. About invention, them invent Onyibo to invent for you? You have brain, wetin ebi for Sabinus wonder” Get sense my friend! Get sense!

Sabinus say if friends laugh less, maybe them go rise up, maybe him country go better. Sabinus say if Gaius chase paper, chase book, him grow rich with sense. Sabinus say Paula need to stop to de look outside to blame everybody but inside to help and solve the matter because as man think, na so man be, na so his people be, na so his country be.

By Daisy Odey


Daisy Odey is a Nigerian essayist, poet, Medical Lab scientist and one of Coal ambassadors.

She writes on topical and social issues that affect life in general.

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  • Bizuum Yadok
    May 22, 2017 at 11:36 am

    This is a good one


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