Letter to Hurricane-Matthew: Elemide Benjamin Odunayo

Memories were written into dreams
in the sleeping eyes of Haiti,
of Mexico,
of Jamaica…
…by you.

When I see through the lens of roaring wind
under the scope of watery confusion,
I know it is you, Matthew,
a breath that stiffens the necks of men…

Are men not dust?
You incited dust to rebel against sky,
wrote your name on Caribbean sand
with warning fingers
leaving us to ponder on mysteries
that pirouetted through space and time.

Like Abiku,
you are an un-dying death
that mocks human innocence with repetitive songs,
but you never said you would reincarnate…

I heard cries would not stop you…
In your ears,
cries are songs crashing into mountains;
echoes that return, are rantings of dead men…

Again, you are back riding souls with doom,
caressing homes with storms,
touching lands with despair…

You walked into Florida,
left ground drenched with tears,
and like the stealth of cat
you pranced on Bahamas,
and she, her children, became pillars of dreams.

We are tired
watching you walk through lands and borders
while owners worship fear in secret places.
Matthew, Matthew,
go away, and never come back;
leave, let us live…

© Elemide Benjamin Odunayo

Elemide Benjamin Odunayo is a poet, short story writer, and events moderator.  He is a student of Biochemistry at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. He loves to write poetry and stories. His works have been published in various anthologies online and in print.

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