If you have a Christian upbringing like me, you are likely to complete the phrase “I am” with ‘…that I am’. So when I saw “I am” as the album title my first response was with curiosity; ‘I am what? I am who? What about I am?’ and more I thought! These were some of the answers I gathered as I listened to the album:


I am the daughter of a strong woman

who sacrificed much for me to be a symbol

that defies societal norms and ideals;

becoming the voice of reason.

I am the guardian and custodian of truths and treasures

needed for the rise of my father land.

I understand that my path is steeped in hurdles,

in pain that will seize my sleep.

I may give into despair but I will surely kiss depression goodbye.

It is the only way that I will be able to clothe this woman

in apparels worthy of emulation –

a reflection of standards worth proclaiming.

It is only this woman

that will be able to preserve the fabric of tomorrow;

that will be able to bring up men worth calling sons!

I am that one soul that walks through the sands of time

raising up tombstones and plaques for those

whose blood wrote to us about who we are to become.

For words may not always carry

the magnitude of weight our heart bears

and even saying “I love you” needs more than words.

How be it words will have to tell of the pictures of this place,

what we’ve become and what we must be.

I am that hopeful one who dies

before my hopes see light

but I refuse for me to die

because I am the image of the I am

seeking God beyond pages and words

to the very essence of truth.

I am worthy of love;

worthy of telling these tales.

I am a life seeking answers,

seeking light;

seeking peace with loved ones,

making every conversation a memory!

I am!

This work of art carries a strong message which I believe is necessary for the times. The work and the artiste falls under the spoken-word genre but the lines of poetry were not blurred or downplayed. I also commend AP on the collaborations she did on the album. It was a fine blend of poets with seemingly different styles as well as musicians. The production of the work helped the general entertainment feel of the work. I would say the poetry leaned heavily (but well) on the production style. It made it easy to listen to, easy to follow. I didn’t think the pieces were long or boring – so much that I’m wondering if the pieces were really as short as I feel it is or if the production is playing tricks on my mind.

However, I personally wish that the pronunciation, delivery, elocution and grammar in some of the pieces were better. Some statements were ended like questions, some words not properly pronounced, some metaphors and sentences not clear – not conveying proper meaning, some emotions not properly carried in some pieces. But overall though this is a good work of art and a plus in the industry. Well done AP!

Get a copy of the work and see where you agree or disagree with me and don’t forget to drop your comments so we can compare notes!

By Jennifer Dafwat

IMG_20160630_135132Jennifer Dafwat is a Poet, TV Host and COAL’s Ambassador

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